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Genesis / Nintendo - Support

Genesis Mini:

  • Setup

    • Plug in the USB Flash Drive to the USB OTG cable. 

    • Plug this into the back of the Genesis Mini. 

    • Plug the power cable into the USB OTG Cable and then into the wall outlet.  

      • If the OTG does not recognize, unplug and plug back in securely.


When you power up the unit, you will see all folders of various game consoles.  Within each folder are tons of games sorted alphabetically.

  • Exiting Games / Saving / Loading:

    • (Mainly Genesis) Hold down the START button for 3 seconds to bring up the exit screen menu.

    • (All others) Hold down the RESET button on the console to exit the game.  You will see options to Save, Close, Load Content (previous saved game).   Use B button to make selection, C button to confirm.  

    • To LOAD a previous Save, just start a game as you normally would, hit RESET and this time select LOAD content.  Select QUIT RETROARCH to exit.

  • Remap Buttons in RetroArch:

    • Hold down the RESET button during game play. In RetroArch, go to the Main Menu then Settings and Input. From there it will give you options to remap the buttons to your liking.

    • WARNING:  Be careful when making changes to the controller in RetroArch.  You can accidentally disable the controller if you select NONE under Device Type.  This would make your controller unusable in that port.

  • Errors (E4: Shutdown):

    • If you get a message on the main menu to shutdown, just allow it to restart automatically OR power off then on.  This happens when Genesis memory cannot find the file(game).  It is a common issue when loading so many extra games and is harmless.

  • Gameplay (Genesis games):

    • In case you come across playability issues w/ any of the Genesis games, you can try launching w/ different emulator.   To do this, on the main menu when selecting a game, hold START for 3-5 seconds while selecting your game.

SNES / NES Mini:

  • Setup:  

    • Simply plug the 8GB USB Flash Drive into the included OTG dongle (may already be attached).  Plug in the power into the OTG cable and power on.


When you power up the unit, you will see all the original games are on the Main Menu screen along with icon folders of the consoles.  Within these folders are all the extra games from the various game consoles.   Folders are sorted alphabetically. 

  • Exiting Games / Saving / Loading:

    • Hold down the SELECT and DOWN button for 3 seconds during game play.  You will be given the option to save your game in 4 slots. 

    • Nintendo 64 ONLY:  Hold down the SELECT & START buttons simultaneously to bring up the RetroArch screen menu.

      • In RetroArch, scroll down to SAVE STATE to save your progress.   This will save it locally in RetroArch.

      • To resume play, launch the game again and hold SELECT + START to bring up the menu and choose LOAD STATE

      • To exit RetroArch, select CLOSE Content then QUIT RetroArch.

      • To exit N64 games without saving, hold down SELECT & DOWN buttons for 3 seconds.

      • NOTE:  Some Nintendo 64 games may lag during gameplay.   This is a limitation of the SNES / NES + Emulator.   I included a smaller list of N64 games that play the best.

  • Cheat / Cheat Codes:

    • Open any game and hold SELECT + START to bring up RetroArch.  In that menu, scroll down to the Cheat section.  

    • Select the console/system and then navigate to the game you are playing.  

    • Select the link for the game you are playing.  On the next screen, select the cheat you want. 

    • Then make sure you select RESTART. 

    • Now click RESUME to apply changes.


  • Change CORE settings on any game.​

    • 1.  Load the game (example: AAH Real Monsters)

    • 2.  Hold SELECT + START to bring up Hakchi

    • 3.  Choose CLOSE CONTENT (use A button)

    • 4.  Then hit B Button to go back to main menu of Hakchi

    • 5.  Select LOAD CONTENT

    • 6.  Select root directory (the one that has /)

    • 7.  Select tmp

    • 8.  Choose rom

    • 9.  Select the game that ends in .sfc

    • 10. Choose the first option, should say SNES9X 2002

      • Game should load for you now.   

      • To save this configuration:

        • Hold SELECT + START to bring up Hakchi again

        • Choose SAVE STATE

    • Next time you want to play the game again, do same thing and hold SELECT + START but this time choose LOAD STATE

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