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Amazon - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I launch Kodi?

    • Kodi can be found on Amazon Home screen under HOME > Recent.  Video tutorial is also found here Kodi Shortcut (Main Screen)

    • Kodi can also be found on Amazon Home screen under Apps > Your Apps Library

    • You can also locate Kodi on the Amazon Main Screen when you scroll down to Settings -->  Applications --> Manage Installed Applications -->  Kodi --> Launch Application


  • How get Kodi as a Shortcut under Home Main Menu?

  • Kodi background has standard blue screen w/ no artwork or menus! 

    • This happens when the Xonfluence skin updates or fails to update correctly.  If you go to System & then Video addons, you will notice that all of the Addons are there.  All that's missing are the custom shortcuts, background artwork and menus.

    • To fix the problem, you just have to go to System > Appearance > Skin and Select Aen Nox Silvo 5 (sometimes you have to select Get More if you don't see it).


  • I have a blank screen when I launch Kodi or it is unresponsive.

    • On Amazon Main Screen, scroll down to Settings -->  Applications --> Manage Installed Applications -->  Kodi. 

      • Then select FORCE STOP.   It will appear to do nothing, but it will stop Kodi from running.  Press a few times to be sure.

      • Then select CLEAR CACHE.  Press this a few times.

      • Now go to Launch Application.   Give it a few minutes to get updates.  Kodi should work properly after the weather loads.


  • I completely LOST Kodi, help!

  • Some of the links I click on are not working. 

    • This is common and expected.  The streaming links are updated by individuals who do this in their spare time. From time to time, the links can go down for many reasons (server overloaded on far end, ISP blocking, maintenance, etc.).  Simply choose another link.


  • Where are all the Adult Addons located?

    1.  For Diggz Build in Kodi, go to Favourites → Adult 18+.  Use Pin 69 and select DONE. 

      1. NOTE: You may need to install some of the add-ons.

      2. Use VideoDevil and install the add-on.   Once installed, click YES to enter.

    2. In MediaLounge app, there are adult options there.  Once it first loads, it will ask you to set the Adult PIN code.

    3. There is an app loaded called APK Time.  At the very bottom there is a section for XXX.  The code is 6969.  You can download more adult apps here.  Example Adult apps are CumTube and Jizztagram.

    4. If code 69 does not work, it means Super Favourites updated.  Follow steps to make a change to it.

      1. Go to ADD-ONs 

      2. Go to My Add-ons

      3. Go to Video Add Ons (all the way at bottom)

      4. Select Super Favourites 

      5. Click on Auto Update (this will disable it from updating)

      6. Select Versions

      7. Click on first option Version 420.2.1.0 (Diggz) OR use 2.2.5 version

      8. This will install the updated version.

      9. Once done, it will say updated at bottom.

      10. Now go back to Adult section.  PIN code 69 should work fine  


  • My stream keeps freezing.  My Internet speed is very fast. 

    • In most cases, you can start streaming the link and then just pause it for a minute to allow the cache to build up.  Please refer to our Buffering section for more information.


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