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Quick Start Guide

Step 1 - Setup:  Connect all cables and power on the unit.  NOTE:  Please use the HDMI Extender and POWER ADAPTER.  This has been known to solve WiFi issues, prevent buffering caused by a degraded signal or overheating, and resolve constant rebooting of the Fire Stick.  


Step 2 - Network:   Login to your home WiFi by entering your WiFi password.   


NOTE:  If you see a Remote symbol on the screen OR if the remote is not responding, it just means your  bluetooth remote needs to be re-paired.  Hold the HOME button down for 30 seconds to 1 minute until Fire TV recognizes it.   It may take a few attempts before this works.


Step 3 - Register:   If you have an Amazon account log in with it but DO NOT RESTORE your apps, this may wipe out the custom apps.   If you do not have an account, create a FREE account on  Just visit to register for free (no CC required). 


Step 4 - Amazon Home Screen:  All Amazon functions remain unchanged (you will be charged for Prime, NetFlix, Hulu, etc.)  

Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications to find all apps that were added.


Step 5 (4K Model) - You can control the volume of your TV by going to Settings > Equipment Control and follow onscreen instructions

So where’s the FREE STUFF? - Lots of options!

All FREE Content can be found within the 3rd party apps --- Kodi, BeeTV, CatMouse, TV Tap Pro, etc..  Please DO NOT just rely on Kodi.  BeeTV is much better for TV Shows / Movies.  TV Tap, Swift Streamz, & RedBoxTV are great for Live TV content including Sports.


These apps  can be launched directly in the Amazon Main Menu under Home > Recent (scroll all the way to the right if you don’t see it).  Alternate places to find them are under Settings > Applications > Manage All App.  


Keep in mind, this is Internet Streaming TV and not all links work 100% of the time.  If one link doesn’t work, try another.  

General Notes & Troubleshooting


I highly suggest you...DO NOT RELY ON KODI.   While Kodi is great, it is a large program that takes time to load and can become slow.  This is because it has Music, Movies, TV Shows, Weather, Skins, etc. that cause it to run slower than the other apps, which run faster.


  • Which player to use?  By default, MX Player and Titan Player were loaded.  For any apps, once it prompts you, you can use those two.

  • Adult Content: 

    • For Kodi Diggz Build, go to Favourites → Adult 18+.  Use Pin 69 and select DONE

    • Adult Apps - CumTube & Jizztagram were loaded under Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.  If these are not wanted, simply select the App and Choose Uninstall

OR Download More Adult Apps:

  • Open ApkTime

  • Scroll down to very bottom to Adult  Pin: 6969

  • Download apps and follow onscreen instructions to install

  • All apps will be under the Managed Installed Applications section when first loaded. 

Any issues, please contact us on our website.  If we are unable to resolve the issue for you & you’d like to return the item please message us through eBay and we will provide RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) instructions.  

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